The Sol Microgreens Sunflower burst logo with gradient was inspired by murals local to the business. There was extensive communications with the client who was given access to the earliest drafts to tweak edits.
Color Scheme
a shared Pinterest board was used to brainstorm color scheme ideas and design feel with the client. From there colors were added and designs tweaked until this bright and bold color scheme was reached.
Market Banner
The design for the vinyl banner to be hung at the customer's farmers market booth. I drew the artwork and designed the layout. The banner needed to be 6ft long by 3ft tall and grommets were added for hanging the sign. I worked with a local printer who had the banner ready for customer to pic up in a few days making the start to finish about a week.
Newsletter Banner
Product and website photos
This collection of images is for background images on the website and product images for the online store. Showing the product in its packaging for the store photos and closeups or plated for the website art.
Newsletter Photos
Food photos for the customer's newsletter that featured recipes and suggestions on how to use their products. The recipes were prepared by the customer then styled and photographed by me.
Adobe Spark template
A responsive recipe card template created with Adobe Spark for use in social media posts.

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